Saturday, October 31, 2009

Natural Pet Home Remedies: Why I Treat My Dogs with Pet Home Remedies

I sincerely believe that natural pet home remedies is the best way to treat my dogs, Matilda and Samantha. Yes, I have two beautiful wiener dogs that I adore and of course I want to do everything I can to make them healthy and build up their immune system. So I have looked into what I can do to give them the best treatment at home.

I treat Matilda and Samantha with natural remedies that are good for them. I now feed them a healthy diet, instead of the usual commercial dog food, which includes a lot of by products and artificial ingredients. Even though I feed them kibble, I find the ingredients that are best for them. The dog food I buy is a healthy quality diet, based on protein, whole grains and natural preservatives.

I have also learned that a good daily supplement goes a long way to build their immune system and protect them against diseases. The healthy diet alone does not give them the necessary nutrients that they need to get from nature. Our dogs are constantly under attack from environmental toxins and pollutants that make them sick, and they need a good immune system to be able to live happier and longer. So the daily natural supplement gives them the rich nutrients found in nature that they need to prevent all kinds of diseases from allergies, to arthritis to cancer.

I also take walks with my dogs every day. I love this time with them and they love it too. I think it’s the most loving thing I can do for them. I love to watch them sniff their world, the little flowers, the plants, and then look up at me as if they were saying “Thank you Mom”. Dogs need exercise to strengthen their bodies and feel healthy.

Since I know that I have my dogs’ health care in my hands, I am taking charge to give them the best life I can, free of disease. Even though I do take them to the vet, I try as much as possible to treat them at home with natural remedies. A lot of the medications prescribed by conventional medicine are full of synthetic chemicals that affect their immune system and make them weaker to fight off future illnesses.

So by keeping my dogs healthy with natural pet home remedies I avoid a lot of trips to the vet and avoid giving them toxic medications. There are hundreds of different remedies that you can use at home to prevent diseases and heal your dog.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Natural Pet Home Remedies: 3 Essential Steps for the Wellbeing of Your Pet

Natural pet home remedies can be extremely beneficial to our dogs. There are a few simple steps you can take to take care of your dog that will help him stay healthy and prevent diseases by building his immune system.

  1. Give your dog a healthy diet. Many of the commercial dog foods do not provide the proper nutrients that your dog needs, and have a lot of chemical processing, which is harmful. There are some things that you need to stay away from when you buy your dog’s food. Always read the labels and stay away from the following ingredients: by products of any kind, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin and propylene glycol.

An organic diet is best for your dog. Even if you buy kibble, at least make sure that his diet is based on protein, whole grains, natural preservatives such as vitamen C, E and mixed tocopherols. Essential fatty acids are also very important for prevention of allergies, arthritis and cancer.

  1. Make sure your dog exercises every day. Take walks with him and play fetch or Frisbee so that his body can get a work out and get the stress out. This will be a special time of bonding for your and your dog as well.

  2. Give your dog a daily supplement. Because of the growing amount of pollutants in the environment and chemicals in dog medications and dog food, there has been also a growing response in natural supplements that you can use to aid your dog’s immune system to get stronger.

Even the best dog food does not contain the essential nutrients that your dog needs to build his immune system. Dogs are under attack constantly from the toxins in the environment. Out in the wild dogs chew on certain healing herbs and plants when they get sick. In the domestic environment, we don’t have those curative herbs so we need to make up for what they cannot get in this environment. These supplements provide our dogs with the nutrients they need for better health and to be able to fight disease.

Besides a healthy diet, exercise and a daily supplement there are hundreds of pet home remedies that you can give your dog so you won’t have to treat him with the chemicals and toxins found in conventional medication. Find out how you can take the best care of your dog at home, with natural pet home remedies. You may already have many of these remedies at home. By treating your dog with natural ingredients and boosting his immune system you will probably save a lot of trips to the vet as well.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Natural Pet Home Remedies: Building Your Dog’s Immune System Is Very Important

If you are like me you want the best for your dog. You want to provide for his safety and wellbeing. You want him to have a good life in good health. You will want to keep him around as long as possible and free of disease. And believe it or not, the best way to do this is with natural pet home remedies.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs. Cancer is many times the result of inflammation produced by vaccines. Vaccines are used to prevent some diseases but they are overused. They affect the dog's immune system and trigger immune related diseases including anemia and cancer.

Conventional veterinarians use many chemicals to treat our dogs. Not only the vaccines, but many of the medications prescribed to our dogs are very harmful. The heartworm prevention pill, which is administered once a month, contains pesticides which are toxic, and are cumulative over a period of time. These toxins cause severe damage to the dog’s kidneys and liver, and their immune system is weakened.

Our dogs have to tolerate all these attacks from medications as well as from the environment. They need to build a good immune system in order to be able to stay healthy. There are many natural pet home remedies that will give your dog the necessary nutrients that he needs.

A good healthy diet is essential. A lot of the commercial packaged dog food is made with waste that is leftover from processing human food, such as blood, bone, tails and ligaments. You should be aware of this and look for certain ingredients that are necessary for a healthy diet, such as an animal based protein, fatty acids, natural preservatives and antioxidants. Some basic things to avoid are by products, food fractions, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring.

A dog also needs a good daily supplement. Dog food, even the healthiest, will not provide your dog with rich nutrients necessary to build up his immune system. The only way to prevent your dog from getting serious diseases is through a good daily supplement. Experts agree that the best way to prevent cancer in dogs is by building up their immune system with supplements.

Dogs today suffer from many chronic disorders due to a weakened immune system. Natural pet home remedies is the answer to this predicament. From treating cancer, to allergies, to arthritis, natural pet home remedies are producing great results.

Become informed about treating your dog with natural pet home remedies. You can take charge of your dog’ health and make sure he receives the best care. You will saving a lot of trips to the vet as well.

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Natural Pet Home Remedies: The Best Treatment for Your Dog

Your dog is important to you. His health is in your hands. You can choose to give him whatever you want. He’ll love you anyway. So why not give him the best? Why not give him natural pet home remedies that are good for his health and his immune system?

The best defense a dog has against all diseases is a good immune system. Domesticated dogs do not get the necessary nutrients that dogs in the wild get. In the wild, they can turn to plants and herbs when they are sick, and the natural ingredients in nature is what heals them.

Domesticated dogs get vaccines for anything and everything. These vaccines are made of synthetic chemicals which are very toxic for our dogs. Many of the vaccines produce severe reactions on our dogs. They are used for preventative measures, yet they affect your dog’s immune system and make his organs work hard to expel these poisons.

They are also given medications such as heartworm pills and flea remedies which are composed of insecticides, which is also very harmful to them.

Our dogs are exposed to insecticides in the grass, pollutants in the air. Their food often lacks many of beneficial nutrients and contains by products, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring, all of which is very bad for their health.

As a dog owner, you should become aware of these facts which hurt your dog and weaken his immune system. It is much better to treat your dog as much as possible with natural pet home remedies that do not contain synthetic chemicals, but the rich nutrients that they need for improved health.

Besides giving him a healthy pet diet and exercise, a good daily supplement is necessary to help build his immune system. There are also hundreds of pet home remedies that can help you take care of your dog at home with natural remedies, which you may already have in your home. You will be giving him the best care and probably saving thousands in visits to the vet.

Natural pet home remedies are a great way to take care of your “best friend”. It’s great to be able to give them the care they deserve.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Normal Kennel Cough Symptoms: Natural Pet Home Remedies to the Rescue

If you have a dog with normal kennel cough symptoms it is not a serious illness as long as he doesn’t have complications. Kennel cough is transmitted through airborne bacteria and viruses from one dog to another. Since it is very contagious, you need to isolate your dog from other pets, so they won’t end up sick as well.

Normal kennel cough symptoms include a hacking cough, coughing up light color phlegm, runny nose and watery eyes. Otherwise, the dogs remain alert and with their usual appetite.

The conventional prevention method for kennel cough is through the bordetella vaccine. There is more and more evidence of the harm caused by this vaccine, which can have major side effects on your dog. The side effects of bordetella include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, hives, and even death.

Many people are of the opinion that it is better to deal with normal kennel cough symptoms than to give the bordetella vaccine to their dog.

It is very important that you as a dog owner are informed of the risks of the drugs that are prescribed to your dog. Because of the toxins contained in many conventional medications our dogs’ immune systems are severely damaged. Their livers and kidneys have to work very hard to expel the poison in these chemicals, and they suffer greatly.

When you damage an animal’s immune system you are compromising their health and their future ability to fight off diseases. So the best thing that we can do for our pets is boost their immune systems with natural supplements and herbs.

These natural pet home remedies are essential for the wellbeing of our dogs. In their domestic environment, dogs are not getting the natural plants and herbs that dogs in the wild have access to. They need these essential natural nutrients for their health and to prevent immunity disorders which cause all kinds of diseases, from allergies to cancer.

We can help our pets and prevent normal kennel cough symptoms, as well as any number of diseases. Nothing is better for them than natural nutrients that will build their immune system and make them healthy and strong.

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Normal Kennel Cough Symptoms: Pet Home Remedies to Sooth Your Dog’s Throat

We can treat normal kennel cough symptoms at home and help our dogs get through this annoying cough. Since your dog will be coughing up a storm because of the irritation in his throat, you can help him feel better by giving him pet home remedies that will sooth his throat.

Kennel cough causes an inflammation of the trachea. When the air passes through your dog’s throat it produces this cough. Coughing becomes incessant 24 hours, so the dog is uncomfortable and it can seem as if he will never stop coughing.

So here are some home remedies that you can use to make your dog feel better:

1. Take off his collar. Don’t have anything around his neck and throat area that will bother him during this illness.

2. Change his food from dry to wet food so that it will be easier on his throat going down.

3. Give him some honey to sooth his throat irritation. You can try giving it to him directly. If he will not take it just put it in his water - 3 teaspoons a day is a good dosage.

4. Put drops of hydrogen peroxide in his water, 3 drops per 8 ounces of water.

5. Give your dog vaporizing treatments. You can steam up your bathroom so he can breath this humidity and it will sooth his throat.

6. If the cough is very severe, try giving him children’s Robitussin.

While normal symptoms of kennel cough are not a cause for alarm, always watch your dog to make sure he is alert and is not developing complications.

Just like in humans, the best defense a dog has is a good immune system to prevent and fight off diseases. Natural pet home remedies are the best and safest way to treat your dog. There are many supplements and herbs that you can treat your pet with at home that will make him strong and healthy. Your dog will be much more capable of fighting off any illnesses in the environment.

Pet immune disorders are a serious problem. All kind of medical issues are caused by a weak immune system. Animals in the wild are able to turn to nature when they are sick to heal themselves. We need to provide our pets with this same healing power in nature. The medications that conventional medicine treats our dogs with are very toxic. They actually treat one disease, while stressing our dog’s immune system and weakening him.

Treat normal kennel cough symptoms and other illnesses at home with pet home remedies and save thousands in vet bills. These natural supplements and remedies will improve your dog’s immune system and prevent diseases.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Normal Kennel Cough Symptoms: 7 Ways to Relieve Your Dog

It is good to know that normal kennel cough symptoms can be treated with some home loving care. When you dog gets kennel cough he will be very uncomfortable because of the persistent cough. He may stay awake at night and you might not get much sleep either, but aside from this, there is no cause for alarm.

When dogs get normal kennel cough symptoms their throat gets very irritated, that is why they cough so much. As air passes through their throat, it will produce this incessant cough. So you can offer as much relief as possible while they are going through this. Here is what you can do for your dog.

  • Give him some honey to sooth his throat. 1 teaspoon 3 times a day is the recommended dosage. If the dog will not take the honey you can use a dropper to give it to him or mix it in his water.

  • If the cough is too severe you can use pediatric Robitussin. A small dosage will sooth the inflammation in his throat.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide not only to sterilize his bowls, but also to put some drops in his water. Mix 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide (3%) into 8 ounces of water.

  • Give your dog vaporizing treatments. The humidity will relieve his throat and make him feel better.

  • Give him some vitamin C. This will help his immune system to fight off the disease.

  • Reduce his level of activity. Even though he may appear to be as active as usual, it is good to lower his activity so his body can better fight the disease.

  • Give him wet food instead of dry food. It will be easier on his throat.

There are many natural home remedies that you can find to treat your dog for normal kennel cough symptoms other than treating him with chemicals which threaten their immune system and shorten their lives.

Unfortunately, the bordetella vaccine, which is used to prevent kennel cough, is very toxic and harmful to our dogs. And so are many other medications which are used by the animal health care industry. Most of the prescribed medications treat one illness while severely damaging the dog’s vital organs and his immune system.

Many people are learning how to treat normal kennel cough symptoms as well as many other illnesses through homeopathic methods which are so much better for our dogs. They build the dog’s immune system and make him healthier to prevent getting many diseases.

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